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Question:  Because Marijuana is legal in California, Oregon, and Washington, can it be brought on board?



Even though Marijuana is legal in many states, we fish Federally navigable waters and are bound by Federal Law.  Currently, Federal Law does not recognize marijuana as a legal substance.  Therefore we have a zero-tolerance drug policy aboard.

Alcohol - Alcohol is allowed on board, we just ask that you partake in your libations in a responsible manner.  

Tobacco Use - We ask that if an individual is a tobacco user, they respect that we are in very tight quarters and to be respectful of other clients onboard.

Things to Know

What should I bring to go fishing?



Clothing - Our boat is very comfortable and has a heated dry cabin.  It is however recommended that you bring the appropriate cold-weather gear and rain gear needed for the trip.  Weather can be unpredictable so we want to be prepared.  The sun can be a factor as well in both sunny and overcast days, so bring sunscreen if needed.

Seasickness - If you are an individual who is prone to seasickness or motion sickness, there are several over-the-counter medications you can take.  Most have the active ingredient "Meclizine."  Our recommendation is to take one before bed and one about an hour before the boat leaves the dock.  Additionally, you can see your primary doctor and they may be able to prescribe the "Patch" you put behind your ear.

Food and snacks - Please feel free to bring a lunch, snacks, and drinks for the duration of the charter.

Where to Stay ?

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife links

Here are a few places you can stay in both the Newport area and Depot Bay/Lincoln City

Each person will need to buy either a:

One Day Angling

Resident/Nonresident $23.00

Two Day Angling

Resident/Nonresident $42.00

Three Day Angling

Resident/Nonresident $59.50

If you choose to go crabbing for Dungeness Crab you will also need a shellfish endorsement as well.

Daily Angling and Shellfish Combo

Resident/Nonresident $32.50

Three-day Shellfish

Resident N/A
Nonresident $19.00


Fishing Licence Prices

ODFW Licencing Registration



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